Custom Cut

We are your resource to connect your customers from harvesting to packaging. We will work with you to achieve the right look for your your finished products. Each animal is processed separately and carefully, with professionalism.

At Blue Ridge Meats, we cut it the way you want it! When you order your meat custom cut, we will try to accommodate your special packaging and cutting requests such as one steak to a pack or one LB of burger to a pack.

We also offer a FREE basic resale label for your products. It consists of a Blue Ridge Meats label in black on a white adhesive.

We can also add your farm name, address, phone, or web site (just a few ideas) and a logo for an additional charge.We do not charge you by the piece for extra labels. If you desire a more colorful label or extensive graphics you can work with our printers directly. Contact us for more details.

*We smoke & cure your items in-house for retail sales (USDA-Federal) and offer regular cure (sugar-based) and no-nitrate formulas made with quality and wholesome natural curing spices. We never send your meat elsewhere.

We do NOT charge a disposal fee for your pelts or parts. If you choose to keep your pelts, there will be an additional charge. You must pick up your pelts within 24 hours to avoid storage fees.

Prices vary by product in addition to processing charges and are subject to change without notice. Please call for specific pricing.

Cut sheets can be downloaded here.